Silk Road Studios

Restaurant Wars 2: Frying Pan Armageddon
Out of the frying pan.....
Restaurant Wars
May the best man win!

Hung Fa as So Huang

Cash Kanuskai as Liu Fan

Akane Suzukai as Li Hiao

Yuen Biao as Himself

Taryn Manning as Kim

Gad Elmaleh as Gerard DuPont

Petchtai Wongkamlao as Tea

Restaurant Wars is the tale of two rival restaurant owners on the same small street in Hong Kong.

Die Zombie Die!
Death does not approve of peace!

Starring: Cash Kanuskai as Fen Lau

Hung Fa as The Silent Assassin

Chow Yun Fat as Zhung

and Sammo Hung as Father Hung

with James Hong as Woo Geng

Directed by: Jimmy Cho

Produced by: Silk Road studios

in association with

The Hong Kong arts foundation.

The film opens with two small Helicopters flying over the small village of Cheung Chao. The helicopters then descend into a small clearing and unload their passengers. The Red Sky triad has sent Fen Lau and his body guard Zhung to negotiate a peace in their war with the White Crane. The kindly Father Lung and his silent bodyguard represent the White Crane at these meetings.

The meetings are a bit tense and fairly one sided as the Red Sky’s demands are one sided, leaving the White Crane in a disadvantaged state.

The scene opens with Fen Lau demanding an exchange of hostages a large cut of the White Crane opium fields, and a large cash pay out. Father Hung puts on a show of disapproval while figuring out how to sell the deal to his superiors. After some hostile back and forth Father Hung excuses himself to call his superiors to pitch the deal to them.

While Father Hung is gone The Silent Assassin shares some hostile looks with the Red Sky representatives.

The dagger staring competition was interrupted by a sound in the woods. The three men rushed to check it out only to find Father Hung headless and upside down hanging from a tree. Weapons were drawn and all present demanded to know whose treachery this was. Fen Lau took a picture of the body as dead men of hanging flesh and putrid smells burst from the trees. Zhung was killed almost instantly and the fight was on. Fen Lau grabbed for Zhung’s giant revolver as The Silent Assassin laid into the creatures with his shotgun.


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